Flight Paramedic Teams

Medical Helicopter Services

Midwest MedAir Air Transport teams are highly skilled flight paramedic and flight nurse teams who are committed to the health and safety of your patients. Our medical flight staff is highly trained in their field but also lead the industry in experience with care in the air. Our pilots are also highly trained and work under strict FAA guidelines. Our medical crews and our pilots are backed by a team of individuals with combined experience of over 200 years in flight care to ensure the safety and care of everyone involved.

Responsive Paramedic and Flight Nurse Teams

Midwest MedAir responds 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to critical care, adult and pediatric emergencies, high-risk OB events, and trauma requests. Because we have multiple locations, we are able to transport wherever the sending facility has coordinated a receiving physician. Our paramedic and flight nurse teams also respond to requests by fire departments and law enforcement for mutual aid, ALS Intercepts, and On-Scene patient transport.

Flight Certifications and Insurance

Midwest MedAir is an FAA approved Commercial Air Carrier, certified to perform flights under visual or instrument flight rules day or night. We fly Aircraft EC135 and are the only Instrument Flight Rules program in the region, which allows us to safely respond to requests for transportation in weather conditions that may ground other services.

Our program participates with every major health insurance network in the area and we work with our patients and their insurance companies to reduce or eliminate patient responsible charges.

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Aircraft EC135

Midwest MedAir’s choice of aircraft is the Airbus EC135 Single Pilot IFR certified twin-engine helicopter. The aircraft is equipped with state-of-the-art avionics and navigation equipment. When it comes to safety, our aircraft is equipped with HTAWS (Helicopter Terrain Awareness System) and an Autopilot.  It is also equipped with TCAS (Traffic Avoidance Awareness System) and a radar altimeter. TCAS notifies the pilot if another aircraft is getting close and a radar altimeter gives the pilot their accurate altitude above the ground (AGL).

In addition, color weather is depicted on the GPS as well as the Multi-Function Display. The aircraft is outfitted with Sky connect (Satellite Helicopter Tracking) and medical radios that allow our pilots to communicate on UHF / VHF and Low band frequencies with local EMS/FIRE as well as Air Traffic.

Medically, the aircraft is equipped similar to an Emergency Room, offering the ability to provide critical care to any patient, in any mode of flight.