Please Download our membership form and mail to

Midwest Medical Transport Company
2155 33rd Ave.
Columbus, NE 68601

With the ever-changing laws and reimbursement percentages of today’s insurances, both Medicare and private insurances alike, we know that receiving high cost medical bills can be stressful and burdensome. Midwest MedAir is proud to bring the people of Nebraska a program designed to benefit those with safety and family in mind. We have formed a unique Membership Program to make life less taxing during an already stressful time.

With our Membership Program, individuals and families can apply for enrollment with no medical examination required. Participants shall have all out-of-pocket expenses waived for medically necessary flights. Unlike most other programs, you are not required to have insurance to qualify for our program.

Our program options include individual memberships or a family household membership. During enrollment, select the option that works best for you and list any family members on your application. The family members will then qualify for all the same benefits as the primary holder. Family members can be added or removed, and addresses can be changed by notifying Midwest MedAir in writing. College students will remain covered as long as their primary address remains the same as the primary holder, or until they reach the age of 26 years old.

There is no limit to the number of flights a member may take in a year; however, to remain covered each flight must be medically necessary. Membership will apply to medically necessary Air Ambulance services only. All qualifying air ambulance transports will require a doctor’s signature approving the medical necessity for air ambulance transportation.