Ground Ambulance

Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Our ALS crews are teams of highly trained individuals that provide advanced medical care to the patients during transport when needed.  Paramedics are licensed individuals who can perform tasks beyond that of an EMT. These tasks include: cardiac monitoring, intubation, and administering IV medications. Paramedics undergo 18-24 months of training and practice. After the formal training, they are also required to conduct continuing education and to undergo state and national certifications.

Basic Life Support (BLS)
Our BLS crews undergo 6 – 10 months of education and field training. BLS crews are trained to provide basic patient care under Nebraska state protocols. Some of their skills include, but are not limited to, basic airway management, first aid and orthopedic care, monitor IVs, assist patients with their medicine, apply advanced aid to injuries, and perform oxygen therapy. Collectively, they are expected to work together to ensure the patient’s wellbeing and comfort.

Air Team Transport
We provide ground service transportation to local hospitals for air transport teams who maintain care while en route, as well as transports for organ retrieval and transplant services. Our ambulances are capable of transporting the medical team’s specialized equipment such as portable ventilators and Neonate Isolettes.
Bariatric Ambulance
For bariatric needs, we utilize specialized Stryker Bariatric Cots. Our Bariatric Cots are enhanced to provide a longer and wider bed with additional padding, and bigger frame for patients with special room considerations. These cots also have a higher weight rating, up to 1,600 lbs. In exceptional circumstances, Midwest Medical Transport Co has served the needs of area facilities with a specialized Bariatric Unit. We utilize an E450 Dual Rear Wheel vehicle equipped with a TransSafe pulley and ramp system rated for 1200 lbs. Powered by a Warn Works wench with a 1500 lbs weight capacity, the ramp can be deployed and patient safely loaded into the ambulance in under 5 minutes. The cot used in this unit has also been modified with one-inch stainless steel support bars and a welded pulley connection, so the patient can remain near ground level for safe transfer into the bariatric unit.

Medical Stand-by’s
Midwest Medical Transport Co. provides, BLS or ALS, medical stand-by service statewide for your special event. We offer one or multiple ambulances for your event depending on the risk involved and number of participants.  We can handle ANY event including, but not limited to:  sporting events (ex. Football, MMA, Hockey, etc), Concerts, Rodeos, Horse Racing, Car Races, 5k to Ultra-Marathon Races, company events and much more. Call now to schedule medical coverage for your next event, 1-800-562-3396.